High Performance Happiness

Working Hard, Prioritizing Wellness & Being Present with Diane Wismer

October 27, 2020 Brian Sharp Episode 6
High Performance Happiness
Working Hard, Prioritizing Wellness & Being Present with Diane Wismer
Show Notes

In this episode I get the chance to speak with Diane Wismer- COO and Co-Founder of Sparck, an employee recognition software start-up. Taking advantage of both her experience and expertise, we talk about high performance happiness from the perspective of today’s leaders as well as the perspective of a wife/mom/startup exec.

She shares some insightful approaches to managing stress, working from home and helping others do the same more effectively. The entire conversation is rooted in honesty and authenticity around tough topics anyone can relate to - along with some really practical advice to help.

Some of what we cover during the interview includes: 

  • Building (and breaking) good wellness habits
  • The traps of perfectionism
  • Simple ways to address burnout
  • Identifying what robs us of happiness (and how to hang onto it)
  • Designing your “weekly debrief” (you’ll love this)
  • Tips for realistic and effective prioritizing in the midst of a fast pace
  • The value that comes from self-awareness

Diane is on a mission to bring out the best in people and organizations.  With over 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational development, human resources and operations, she’s been helping organizations build positive work environments where people use their strengths to do big things.

In her roles as coach, facilitator, consultant and C-Suite executive, Diane’s been fueled by what’s possible for people when they feel seen and know their contributions matter. As Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Sparck, a leading-edge employee recognition software startup, she’s the glue that keeps the team focused on transforming workplaces around the world.

Her inspiration comes from regular meditation, her husband Steve and son Gabe, and adventures in a vintage ‘57 travel trailer with their dog Ruby.