High Performance Happiness

Building Confidence & Self-Worth in Times of Stress with Erin Summ

November 15, 2020 Brian Sharp Episode 7
High Performance Happiness
Building Confidence & Self-Worth in Times of Stress with Erin Summ
Show Notes

In this episode I sit down with speaker, author and confidence coach Erin Summ to discuss how confidence plays a role in both our performance and happiness. Her background in psychology and as a certified Confidence Coach provides unique insight into the way we think about ourselves and the impact that has on our ability to overcome challenges and achieve our biggest goals.

From net worth to self worth, we dig into the “why” behind some of our tendencies and she shares some great tips and strategies for finding confidence and reducing stress - including my favorite part which are her 3 key questions to ask yourself in times of stress, doubt or burnout. Get ready to laugh, learn and hopefully take away some helpful ideas to build your personal and professional confidence.

Some of what we cover during the interview includes: 

  • The #1 confidence challenge (and how to handle it)
  • Finding your own confidence
  • The connection between confidence, success and happiness
  • The 3 most important questions to ask yourself when facing doubt or burnout 
  • Overcoming fears & limiting beliefs
  • The confidence trap for high performers 

Erin Summ is an International Confidence Consultant, sought after speaker, author of Stand Up and Shine: 60 Day Confidence Discovery Journal and co-author of Catch Your Star. She hosts her own events and retreats, passionate about supporting women business owners to get past their own fears, gain confidence and make more money. She has been seen on MorningBlend on ABC10 in Sacramento.

Erin has been on her own journey from shy to confident since 2008. She used to be so fearful of being seen and heard, in school, the thought alone of asking a question gave her major anxiety and she’d chicken out. But her vision was always bigger than her fears. Erin holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach.