High Performance Happiness

Self-Discipline, Driving Happiness & Dealing with Down Days with Crystal Harris

December 15, 2020 Brian Sharp Episode 10
High Performance Happiness
Self-Discipline, Driving Happiness & Dealing with Down Days with Crystal Harris
Show Notes

Would you be willing to turn in a successful 16 year corporate career to start a new business, new non-profit and become a professional bodybuilder- in the same year (2020) - in your 40s? Well, that's exactly what Crystal Harris did! 

Her inspiring ‘leap of faith story’ is just the beginning of what you’ll take away from this amazing conversation. She shares insights into how she structures her schedule, life and mindset to maintain her elite level of performance while also being her own “driver of happiness”. From taking chances and finding confidence to focusing on what matters, you can’t help but walk away with a smile and a strategy from this interview.

Some of what we cover during the interview includes: 

  • Training to be your best - there is no off-season
  • Scheduling your day for success (and a lot of stuff)
  • The keys of self-discipline and self-motivation
  • How to be the driver of your own happiness
  • Why accountability and reliability matter most
  • How to deal with the down days
  • The magic of thinking in extremes 
  • Finding your confidence in the process
  • Being intentional about what you want

GUEST BIO - Crystal Harris
Crystal Harris owner of CMH Consulting Solutions, providing environmental health & safety services, has over 16 years of experience working within the largest privately held food company in America.

During her time working in the food manufacturing industry, she held various roles within the EHS, operations and warehousing functions. While she gained a wealth of technical expertise in the functions she operated in, her passion mostly lies within training, education and helping to develop others into their full, untapped potential.

Crystal recently took a leap of faith to pursue her dreams of starting a business, establishing a non-profit organization, and becoming a professional bodybuilder. While this has been a huge undertaking for Crystal, she is always ready for a new challenge and does not back away from any opportunities that may lie ahead of her.