High Performance Happiness

Grace, Gratitude and the Art of Getting Stuff Done with Rachelle Wiggins

December 23, 2020 Brian Sharp Episode 11
High Performance Happiness
Grace, Gratitude and the Art of Getting Stuff Done with Rachelle Wiggins
Show Notes

Rachelle Wiggins has been a successful entrepreneur for 14 years, a wife of 10 years and is a mother of 3 - doing it all under pressure in a pressure-packed industry with style and grace. What’s more impressive is how she has navigated COVID which added even more pressure, roles and responsibility while managing a business cut by 90%.

This authentic and inspiring conversation gets to the heart of what so many are dealing with, but shows a truly unique and powerful perspective. From balancing as a high performer and a parent to maintaining sanity and self-care, we dig into relatable topics with a thoughtful twist. If you are juggling a lot, feeling the pressure or just looking for some hope - this is a conversation worth listening to.

Some of what we cover during the interview includes: 

  • The word of the year: Grace
  • Juggling the roles of a busy mom, wife and business leader
  • Hustling for multiple streams of income
  • Finding perspective and gratitude in all things
  • The importance of listening
  • The secret to managing stress: The Poker Face
  • The art of making quick decisions (and owning them)
  • Planning for things to go wrong (AKA Plan B)
  • Minimalist self-care
  • Picking the “Easy Yes” to get out of the funk

GUEST BIO - Rachelle Wiggins

Rachelle’s education and job experience lead her to her passion for event planning and consulting. Rachelle is the owner and operator of Cain Event Planning, a wedding and event planning firm as well as the Wedding Director for the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA.

Rachelle graduated from the University of Redlands, in 2002 with a degree in Liberal Arts. She continued her education receiving a Masters of Human Resource Management from National University.  Rachelle Currently resides in Elk Grove, CA with her husband and three boys.

Media & Awards

·         2012 Recipient of Exceptional Women of Color Award for the category of Exceptional Career Mom

·         Voted KCRA A List 10 Northern California Wedding Planners

·         Weddings Featured in Real Weddings Magazine 2014, 2015, & 2016, 2018, 2019  Issues

·         Wedding Wire Rated Wedding Planner