High Performance Happiness

Self-Care, Self-Talk & Rethinking Happiness with Jenifer Novak Landers

February 07, 2021 Brian Sharp Episode 15
High Performance Happiness
Self-Care, Self-Talk & Rethinking Happiness with Jenifer Novak Landers
Show Notes

Author, trainer and Certified Life Coach Jenifer Novak Landers has built a successful business helping people create breakthroughs to find the best versions of themselves over the past 15+ years. From artists to executives, she guides her clients through the deep and often challenging work of self-discovery. 

In this engaging interview, Jenifer walks me through her process of challenging the ideas, assumptions and self-talk that often feeds our limiting beliefs rather than open up the limitless variety of possibility that can lead to our own version of happiness. From stepping out of "high performer" mode to becoming a self-care rockstar, we cover it all. If you are ready for asking yourself the tough but necessary questions - you’re ready for this episode. Enjoy! 

Some of what we cover during the interview includes: 

  • The High Performer Dilemma: Doing vs. Being
  • The journey of self-discovery
  • Stepping out of “high performer” mode
  • How to trust your intuition
  • Understanding your ego
  • The power of self-talk and choosing our own stories
  • Breaking down High Performance Happiness
  • Internal vs. external happiness
  • Using humor to open up
  • Managing overwhelm with meaning
  • Being a self-care rockstar
  • Defining happiness for you

GUEST BIO - Jenifer Novak Landers
I love working with individuals, groups and businesses to facilitate personal growth and fulfillment. I  am a certified life coach through JFK University Integrative Coaching  Program.  I launched my coaching practice, "Fully Expressed Potential" in 2005 and have been coaching full-time since then. 

In 2017 I was selected to be a Chopra Center Life Coach.  In this role, I support clients of the Chopra Center to stay on track with personal goals, spiritual growth and finding the joy and purpose of being the greatest version of themselves.   

I wrote two books, "Fully Expressed Living:  50 Perspectives from  Stuck to Fulfilled", and "Guided Meditation Coloring Book".  Both are  available on Amazon.  

I have a passion for working with groups, either  in workshops or as a facilitator. My favorite topics are personal growth, spiritual development, mindfulness, creativity and communication in life/relationships.   My  background includes owning a decorative painting studio,  20 years’ working in sales and business  development, creativity, training/facilitation and leading events and  retreats for business groups and women.